Saturday, December 13, 2014

What's on tv

Here is the cover of the upcoming week's television guide magazine. When we first moved here, I would go into town every week to buy the tv guide. Sometimes the newsstand would be out of them, usually because I would just forget until it was too late. At some point it dawned on me that I should just subscribe and have the magazine delivered to the house every week. Duh.

Downton Abbey, a very sumptuous series. With a cult following.

That was probably about eight or nine years ago. Now all I have to remember to do is to renew my subscription once a year. As this week's cover announces, one of our channels (Télé Monte Carlo) will be showing the final episode of season three of Downton Abbey, along with a two-part Christmas special. Then, in the following week, they will start showing season four. I think we're about a year behind the US and the UK.

And, in case you're wondering why pigeons are celebrating Christmas, the pigeons in question are a team of consumer reporters who have a show on France 4 called "On n'est plus des pigeons (We're not suckers any more)."


  1. Have you thought of subscribing to Télérama? We actually don't have real TV but have subscribed to it for years because it covers all of the arts too.

  2. We used to get "Télé Cable Satellite" and then my husband wanted us to switch (back) to "Telerama". I don't like "Telerama" in spite of the movie reviews, the literature and radio and general culture information. I don't like the layout of the TV programs.
    I notice that "Télé Cable Satellite" is proud to point out it is printed in France. Montebourg must be happy.

  3. I think season 5 is wrapping up now. I'd pass on DA after series 3 - after that the story lines essentially become variations of earlier seasons.

    1. Mike

      Same here. After season 3 the interest went south , so to speak.

  4. Downtown Abbey was last yeat on my Tv

  5. Ha ha, Mike, that's sure your opinion, and not mine! :) I loved season 4, and I'm sure I'll love season 5.

    Walt, are you two watching Downton?

  6. Oh I love me some "Downton Abbey". Dame Maggie is superb.

  7. betty, no, I've never really looked at it. Maybe I should. But I'm not unhappy with TCS.

    ellen, lol. The layout of TCS is so familiar to me now. I know where to look in jiffy.

    mike, it turns out we've already seen season 4. Ken downloaded it earlier in the year. And the channel it's on now has commercial interruptions, which I've come to loath.

    t.b., most tv series seem to have a natural lifespan, but so many of them go on well past it.

    gosia, do they show it in english where you are?

    judy, yes, we've watched through season 4 (as it turns out). I agree that it got a little samey after season 3, but we still watched.

    ron, but of course!


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