Friday, December 26, 2014

Fondue savoyarde

We enjoyed our traditional cheese fondue on Christmas Eve as we do every year. This year I got three types of cheese: comté, beaufort (two French cheeses), and emmental (from Switzerland). We used a total of 500 grams. I grated the cheeses, then Ken stirred them into about a cup of white wine that had been brought to the boil with a garlic clove. Once the cheese melted, he added a shot of kirsch (cherry brandy) and a pinch of nutmeg.

This newer electric fondue pot has recently replaced our old 1970s style pot. It's funny that you can't see the cord, but it's there somewhere.

We served the fondue with cubed bread and apples then followed up with a green salad in a garlicky vinaigrette. Tasty!


  1. Looks delicious and reminds me of times spent in the mountains.I also use Abondance cheese (when I can get it), and also some small cubes of small potatoes cooked in their skins. I like the sound of apple which is lighter.

  2. Hehe, fondue. How quaint. Actually, I quite like a cheese fondue but it has been many years.

  3. I remember when fondue pots were all the rage in the States. Rarely see them there now though. It's too bad 'cause I really like them.

  4. I like the small side handles on your pot. My daughter always called fondu, fun do and it was just that.

  5. No... surely you photoshopped out the cord! Can't see it anywhere.
    Yumm, though :)

  6. Like the new fondu pot. So modern. If Stuart wants my fondue pot, circa 1970, he's welcome to it. Fondue is such a fun, social, meal!

  7. Walt,
    If I was your neighbor I would be over at your house . . . . often.

  8. OK that does it. I just cracked. I adore fondue and never get none. You have inspired me to eat better in 2015 and stop drooling in jealousy over all the wonderful meals you have. Wish me luck ! Have you any good fondue recipes?

  9. anne marie, you and me, both!

    gaynor, potatoes do sound good. The fresh crunchiness of the apple is a nice contrast with the cheese.

    andrew, gotta keep the tradition going!

    gosia, it was!

    stuart, but you can get them in France...

    evelyn, the big handle on the old pot got in the way and was more dangerous when doing a beef fun-do!

    judy, nope. I think it's running just under the edge of the white bowl with the apples in it.

    cheryl, it's also nice because it's electric and you can regulate the heat instantly. Ain't technology grand?

    ron, you'd be welcome!

    michael, good resolution. As for recipes, I only have the one. But I'm sure the internet is replete with them.

  10. This looks delicious. I don't think I have ever eaten fondue savoyarde in France, just in the USA! I have had the meat variety once or twice,

  11. I haven't had fondue in such a long time. It looks so good.

  12. My family had a 1970s fondue pot that required the smelly sterno cans to heat it, but we still enjoyed fondue on 'special' occasions.


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