Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Approaching Atwater

When Ken and I were in Montréal four years ago, we stumbled upon the Marché Jean Talon; I just saw it on a map and we decided to check it out. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and the market was crammed with shoppers. On this year's trip, I wanted to see another of Montreal's markets: the Marché Atwater, located in Little Burgundy along the Lachine Canal.

A view of the art deco Atwater market building in the morning rush hour.

But this time the weather was not beautiful, in fact it was downright chilly and windy, and I went on a Wednesday morning, very early. The atmosphere was not at all the same. The vendors, mostly indoors, were just setting up. I didn't see very many shoppers, just a couple of people having coffee. Still, I wandered in and around, imagining what it might be like on a sunny summer weekend.

A view of the market from across the Lachine Canal.


  1. Before I read your post and not looking too closely at the first photo, I thought it was a church and wondered if Atwater was the local saint!

    1. Bonjour cousin,
      Named after Edwin Atwater (1808–1874), a municipal alderman of the district of Saint-Antoine which does not exist anymore.

  2. Walt,

    In the second pic, we can see Mont Royal -versant Sud towards Westmount in the background. On a sunny summer weekend, it is crazy as far as parking and crowd are concerned plus the price goes up :-)

  3. I'd also love to see what it would be like on a sunny summer day.

  4. chm, lol!

    t.b., Jean Talon was crowded, but not unpleasantly so, that time we went.

    mitch, the next time you're in Montréal... ;)


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