Thursday, June 23, 2016

Orange is the new...

These Montréal construction signs certainly caught my eye. The street was under construction (reconstruction) and the sidewalk had to be closed, too.

Sign on the right: "Sidewalk closed." Sign on the left: "Use the other sidewalk."

We had a very hot (for us) day on Wednesday. I measured 30ºC (about 86ºF) on the deck at the height of the afternoon. The strange thing, well, there are two strange things. First, we went from feeling "wintry" on Tuesday to full-bore summer on Wednesday. And second, it was more humid than I remember it being most of the time we've lived here. Very unusual. I did manage to get a good portion of the grass cut and should be able to finish it up today. I know the veggie garden is liking this.


  1. Our weather has been oddly changeable, too. Mostly warm and summery. But winds from odd directions. And after days of clear and warm, fog rolled in last night completely changing the air. It was cool and dry at 21:30 and warm and humid at 23:00. Today is a bit sticky.

    Wouldn't you just love to move one of those signs to "l'autre trottoir"?

  2. Time for a rosé on the deck :-)

  3. mitch, you have a mischievous streak!

    t.b., you bet!


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