Saturday, June 04, 2016

Parting shot

Here's the front of the Panthéon as I was leaving, seen from the top of the rue Sufflot (named for the building's architect). I headed down the rue St.-Jacques toward the river. I needed to stop at an ATM and I knew that my bank has a branch on the Boulevard St.-Germain, not far from where I was.

Appropriately monumental. You can see the église St.-Etienne-du-Mont peeking out from behind on the left.

Since the afternoon was warm and pleasant, I thought I'd walk over to les Halles via Cité and the Pont Neuf. That way I could walk past Notre Dame and through the Place Dauphine along the way.


  1. That's a nice view of it bathed in sun. And I agree with your assessment of the crypt.

  2. That's a very interesting and detailed pic that shows that Sufflot was really an artist as an architect. We saw quite a few of his achievements when we were in Lyon 2 yrs ago.

  3. Great view and photo. What a city!

  4. everything seems so impressive and grand.

  5. stuart, that's pretty much all the sun we've seen for a while...

    t.b., I should look those up; I'm not familiar with them!

    judy, it makes a nice change from sticks and leaves. ;)

    mitch, one of the great ones!

    michael, the recent renovation makes it look even better.


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