Thursday, June 30, 2016

Railroad bridge number two

This is the other rail bridge over the Lachine Canal, right next to the section I posted yesterday. It looks to be in the same state of (dis)repair as the first. I think these tracks lead into Montréal's Central Station downtown, so this would be an actively used bridge.

The western flank of the bridge. That's part of yesterday's bridge on the right.

The graffiti artists/taggers have had a good time here as well. I wonder if there will come a time when this type of "art" goes out of fashion and people stop doing it. What will they do instead?

A close up of the graffiti. Notice the water bottle tucked inside the structure?

Our weather continues to be chilly and wet. No big rains or flooding danger, just light rain, drizzle actually, and high temperatures that flirt with 70ºF. I'm already looking ahead for a window in which to cut the grass again. It's loving this weather and growing at a steady clip (pun intended).

The eastern flank of the bridge.

Meanwhile, in the vineyard, the grape vines have set flower. Barring any really bad weather, grapes should form soon. Looks like a lot, too, so many of them will end up cut away, discarded, to ensure the proper yield.


  1. On the second photo, is that a face on the left above CIDY? Or is it an optical illusion?

    1. Bonjour Cousin,
      It looks like a Che manqué

  2. I don't see any art here (well, except YOUR artistry), just tagging; but then I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. chm, it sure does look like one, doesn't it!

    t.b., lol. You may be right!

    mitch, I couldn't find any mis-matched plaids!

    judy, lol!


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