Thursday, June 09, 2016

Une partie de boules, interrompue

The Place Dauphine is a triangular park framed by apartment buildings on the river sides and the Palais de Justice to the east. It's built at the western end of the Ile de la Cité where the island comes to a point. Leafy trees shade the park in spring and summer; it's a favorite spot for the game of boules.

Looking north across the Place Dauphine.

I was looking through the fence that separates the park from the adjacent street. I don't know if those people are the players or not, but it looks like they've just taken a break from their game.


  1. Great shot... and even more so with the inclusion of the people.

  2. eh, you just took this pix for all the nice butts! I ain't complaining (rawr)!

  3. Our village of Trentham have a group that play Petanque on Thursdays that I recently joined - really enjoy it, especially the people and the coffee afterwards.

  4. mitch, thanks. I think they make the photo, but now I wish I had left out the fence braces.

    anne marie, busted!

    judy, merci!

    leon, cool. Maybe you'll find a game to join the next time you're in France.

    1. Hope so, practicing the back spin. Maybe put a gravel court on the the block.


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