Friday, June 24, 2016

Ecluse Saint-Gabriel

About a third of the way into my walk, I crossed back over the canal at the site of the Saint Gabriel Lock. The lock and its surroundings seem to have been restored to accommodate pedestrians and bicycles, and there were rest rooms in the control house, but the building was closed up when I was there.

Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists moved back and forth across the Des Seigneurs bridge.

The bridge carries the rue des Seigneurs across the canal. The lock is one of five locks that still operate along the canal's length. At least, I assume they are in working order and probably operate to allow recreational boats to pass through the canal. I took more than a few photos at this spot; here are some of them.

A dock that rises and falls with the water level.

Downtown Montréal is not too far away at this point.

Another view of the Des Seigneurs bridge.

Looking down-canal (toward the north-east). The lock doors were closed on this end.

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