Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I wish I knew

I was out of my hotel room very early the next morning. Jet lag. I wanted to visit the Atwater Market and see the area around Little Burgundy and, more specifically, the Lachine Canal neighborhood of Montréal. It turned out that I spent most of my time on the canal and missed most of Little Burgundy. Next time. I used my métro pass to get to Atwater from across town. On the way from the subway station to the market, I came across this.

Group of people, talking, stairs.

It's part of some kind of city-wide social art installation, I think. I saw something about it, somewhere, but didn't focus on it at all. And I have no idea what it means. But there it was, so here it is. Oh, and there's an apartment for rent in the building just behind.


  1. Little Burgundy is being gentrified and as usual there are the pluses and the minuses .

  2. t.b., the amount of construction I saw was incredible, but there is a lot of construction all over the city right now.

    judy, art doing what art does, eh?

  3. It has just dawned on me how bare the trees are, even though you took the picture only a week or two ago. By then the trees around us in France were very lush and green I think.

    1. jean, it's true. I noticed that, too. The trees in Paris were very leafy when I left, but in Montréal, they were still mostly bare. Compared to 4 years ago at the same time, the spring was early, and the trees had many leaves. Just depends on the year!

  4. Oh, Walt, there really wasn't an apartment for rent. That was part of the art installation.


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