Sunday, June 19, 2016

The bridge at the Rue Charlevoix

After I crossed the canal, I started to follow the path toward downtown and the old Port of Montréal. I walked along a footpath that paralleled the bicycle path. The next bridge I encountered was at rue Charlevoix.

The Rue Charlevoix bridge looking down the canal from the pedestrian bridge at Ave. Atwater toward the Old Port on the Saint Lawrence River.

The path twisted down and under the bridge, and the canal narrowed so that half of the bridge was over dry land. I'm not sure why it's like that.

The bike path dips under the bridge and back up again on the other side.

These bridges are made of steel, and they look very northeastern (in other words, familiar) to me. A far cry from the old medieval and renaissance stone bridges of France. Modern, utilitarian, and still beautiful.

Looking back up the canal, a cyclist makes his way through the underpass. And Tom Jones left his mark. It's not unusual...


  1. Someone should fine Tom Jones for that graffiti. He's very easy to locate.

  2. Big grin at not unusual. Nice work.

  3. mitch, I think there might have been a sign, "Fine for graffiti." He took it literally.

    andrew, hehehe.


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