Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Le Pont Neuf

The oldest bridge over the Seine in the city of Paris is the Pont Neuf (the New Bridge). I've frequently photographed it from the other side, with the point of the island clearly visible and the towers of Notre Dame behind. This perspective, with the Louvre in the background, makes a nice change.

The view down river, toward the west, and a good chunk of the Louvre museum.

To my right, outside the frame of the photo, is the vast Palais de Justice, which includes the gothic Sainte-Chapelle and the historic Conciergerie prison.


  1. Some of those péniches and boats must have been in trouble these last few days based on what they have been showing on the news

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh, what a gorgeous photo!!

  3. Another beautiful photo. I love that the oldest bridge is "New Bridge." Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) here in the city of Ronda was built in 1789. But it was obviously newer than the nearby Roman and Arab bridges!

  4. Beautiful picture. Wondering how high the water was a bit later?

  5. t.b., I'll bet; the water got very high.

    judy, thanks!

    mitch, the Parisian bridge was completed at the beginning of the 17th century.

    emm, I was lucky to be there before the rains came!

  6. Although a lovely photo, its hard to do justice to the magnificence of Paris!


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