Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Cross Paul

On my way across the Ile de la Cité, I saw these discarded napkins in a crosswalk. I risked life and limb to stop and take the picture. I'm not sure what was more dangerous, oncoming traffic or crossing pedestrians. But, obviously, I survived.

Parisian litter.

Paul is a chain of bakeries/restaurants in France and around the world. I think the only time I've been to one was at an autoroute rest stop some years ago. But I see them around, especially in Paris.


  1. You could title this "butt, Paul!". We usually visit Paul's at the train station at Montparnasse. They have good coffee (IMHO).

  2. Or Paul's But[t]? This IS an interesting bit of art.

  3. I remember stopping at a Paul's along the autoroute. I love eating in the US Paul's for a taste of France.

  4. Paul was our place to go during our week in Lyon - good baguette ( traditionelle) and chocolatines .

  5. Paul has been our lunch on many road trips in France. We always feel surprised they are so good.

  6. Don't recall these in either France or the US. Now I'll watch for them.

  7. stuart, I struggled with the title. ;)

    mitch, I was feeling all provocative and stuff.

    evelyn, I wondered if you would remember that!

    t.b., yum!

    sue, it's good to find a chain that you enjoy during road trips. That way you're reasonably certain you know what you're getting, especially when you don't have the time or energy to search for something else.

    emm, they seem to have proliferated in recent years.

  8. First time on your blog - have to wonder, did you pick it up?

    1. kim, welcome! Nope, did not touch it.


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