Thursday, June 16, 2016

Inside Atwater

One good thing about arriving at the market hall very early on a chilly Wednesday morning was that there were no crowds of shoppers in my photos. I took a few shots inside and then outside as vendors were setting up their shops for the business day.

A section of the main hall.

Looking the other way. I assume those are whole pigs ready to be cut up for sale. Uh, never assume. You know the rest.

Prepared foods including pork, chicken, lamb, beef, and veal. Looks tasty!

One of the outside stalls filled with fruits and vegetables.


  1. The "pigs" look more like lamb. Just ready for the spit (yummmm)

  2. I think they are lamb, too....
    The market looks just like Bradford's indoor market...they probably all "conform" to a pattern of convenience for stallholder and shopper...
    Love the freshness of everything...

  3. What a beautiful market. We have to go to Málaga for that level!

  4. Great market, there is a good one on the west side of downtown Cleveland, my all time favorite is in Florence

  5. The market looks a lot like Les Halles in Lyon.

  6. Oh, I love market and grocery store photos :)

  7. Walt,
    Oh I wish we had something like this where we live here in southern Delaware. Alas, all we have are greasy French Fries and crab cakes.

  8. W O W! I wish there were choices like those already prepared dishes somewhere around here! So, Walt, did you taste anything?

    Mary in Oregon

  9. simon & tim, you are likely right. Little lambs that lost their way...

    mitch, are there street markets nearby you? I know you have a great produce place.

    travel, so many markets, so little time!

    chris, I've seen that one on television and see what you mean.

    judy, I didn't take any grocery store photos on this trip. ;)

    melinda, :)

    ron, oooh, good crab cakes are so good!

    mary, I didn't. I was on foot and had no way to prepare anything. It was restaurants for me!


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