Monday, June 20, 2016

Crazy paving

At first I thought this was a work of graffiti. Then I wondered why a blank sign would be planted at this spot (or any). Finally I got closer and saw what was on the ground. If you look carefully, you can see that the pavement markings on the ground match the tangled "spaghetti" on the sign. It's art!

There was not a good spot to get at better picture of both sign and pavement, but you can see the idea.


  1. Which is the craziest? The sign or the pavement? Or both?

  2. You need a drone to photograph both... or a tall ladder.
    Pauline wants a large inflatable exclamation mark....
    to put just around the corner from those "exclamation mark" hazzard warning signs.

    1. LOL, Pauline. Those are funny signs, aren't they?

  3. That is hilarious. Is the sign actually correct?

  4. That's great. But don't share this with the French bureau for driver's licenses. They'll add it to the test.

  5. chm, good questions!

    tim, I'm always surprised when I see one. \!/

    mitch, yup! I checked.

    stuart, lol!


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