Monday, June 06, 2016

Walking across town

So, after my Star Wars adventure and getting some cash from the ATM, I made my way down toward the river and crossed the Petit Pont not far from the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

Il est venu le temps des cathédrales.

I took a few photos of the church, of course. I think I posted this one as a brief Image of the Week when I got back from my trip. I thought I should put the bigger version on the blog for posterity.


  1. Quelle majesté. Quel équilibre. I'm surprised Viollet le Duc did't try to build the two missing spires!

  2. So glad you were there before the high waters!

  3. it has not changed since I first saw it in 1970. vive la france!

  4. It is still a looker. You did a fine job (again)!

  5. chm, that would have been interesting...

    mitch, me too!

    judy, :)

    evelyn, :)

    anne marie, it may be a little cleaner now. ;)

    michael, it's hard to take a bad one in this place.


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