Saturday, June 18, 2016

Crossing Lachine

I crossed over the Lachine Canal on this pedestrian and bicycle bridge. You can tell how chilly it was by the way people were dressed. I was impressed by the number of cyclists there were during my entire morning walk. It was rush hour, so I'm assuming that most people were headed to work or school. Bike paths run along each side of the canal and connect to routes into the surrounding neighborhoods.

The green-domed towers are the Paroisse St.-Irénée church up by the Lionel-Groulx métro station where I started my walk.

The canal is a corridor in transition. It's changing from abandoned/underutilized industrial to residential and office uses. I think it will be a very nice place as it continues to fill in. My walk took me from Atwater to the Vieux Port and Old Montréal, where I stopped for brunch. Here's a map I made of my route:

I rode the métro from the hotel to my starting point (the green box with the white arrow inside), then walked along the red route back to the hotel (the red box with the white dot inside). The total route was about 6.5 kilometers (about 4 miles); the numbers in the gray boxes are the kilometer markers.


  1. The first and last ime I was in Montréal was in '48, so my recollection is somewhat fuzzy!

  2. I went to Winsor, Ontario the same year, CHM. I was three then and my parents drove up. I slept on the window ledge in the back seat- very comfy place.

  3. A great walk! I haven't been there since 1965 I think. It's changed a bit...

  4. It is odd to see coats and imagine somewhere they are needed. It's going to be 47 degrees here.

  5. chm, I'll bet!

    evelyn, can you imagine kids on the window ledge (if they even exist any more) these days?!!

    mitch, it had changed since I was there in the mid-80s, and it's still changing.

    michael, 47? Wow. I would melt.


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