Monday, February 20, 2017

A light frost

Sunday morning was chilly, easily the coldest morning we've had in a week. The grass all around was frosty, but it didn't really feel cold out. Callie and I went for our morning walk as the sun came up.

The ground was frosty white around the little pond behind our house.

The sun rises earlier and earlier, so we can get outside earlier and earlier. Our official sunrise on Sunday was 07h51. We left the house at about eight. I can really hear the birds in the morning now. In the coldest part of winter there isn't that much morning birdsong to be heard. As we walked, I saw two wild hares scurry through the vineyard. Callie was out in front of me and she missed them.


  1. Here in Texas we've only had two or three frosty mornings all winter. Many days last month and this the temps have been in the 80'sF mid-afternoon. There's definitely something strange going on with the climate. Our winters are always relatively mild, but this year and last have been too warm.

  2. sheila, this seems to be a mild winter in many parts of the US.

    michael, it ain't Palm Springs.

    christine, :)

    mitch, wascally wabbits.


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