Sunday, February 26, 2017

New growth

That burst of warm weather we had last week gave the plants a boost. Buds are fattening and new growth is starting to pop up all around. Our artichokes are always early sprouters. Sometimes they're so early that they freeze back down to the ground, but then they'll come up again. This is one of the two remaining artichokes in our garden and they're both currently sending up new leaves.

I love seeing green in the garden!

The cyclamens are in full flower and the primroses are starting to bloom. It won't be long until the some of the trees and shrubs start flowering, too. The forsythia is getting close, as is one of the plum trees out back. And even though we could still have a freeze at any moment, and probably will have a few more frosts, spring is not far off.


  1. I especially love forsythia. I used to trim our overgrown one in late winter and soak the branches in the bathtub to force their blooms. Always a great way to kickstart spring inside the house.

  2. What about the rhubarb? That was always the earliest plant to make an appearance when we lived in Vermont. Looking forward to more cyclamen and primrose photos.

  3. wow spring is coming to Europe

  4. mitch, I've never tried to do that, and when I hear about it, or think about it, it's usually too late.

    sheila, the rhubarb is starting to poke up now, too.

    gosia, yippee!


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