Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Looking forward

Now that we've made it through January, I'm beginning to look forward to spring. Buds, flowers, longer days, all that. And starting seedlings in the greenhouse. Soon. Soon.

Winter wheat in a field outside of Saint-Aignan.

Right now we're in a warm spell. It will be difficult when the temperature snaps back to winter-like. We often have snow in February, so that could happen.


  1. Winter wheat - beautiful, peaceful, and abondant - all at once. You've captured that midwinter yearning for spring.

  2. February is often our hottest month. No reason why it should not be your coldest.

    1. Andrew, as a matter of fact, February is always the coldest month France. I remember the month of January 1956 in Paris, where it was so balmy that I had left my house plants outside. Then, on the first of February the temperatures dropped suddenly thirty degrees Celsius or more, killing all my heirloom plants! In the South of France olive tree plantations were devastated.

  3. I love the look of a wheat field anytime, but especially near harvest time with poppies here and there.

  4. Beautiful view. So nice that you'll soon be able to enjoy an early spring in the greenhouse.

  5. kiwi, I'm certainly feeling it!

    anne marie, hehehe!

    judy, yippee!

    andrew, stands to reason. ;)

    chm, I sure hope we don't experience that this (or any other) year!

    evelyn, they are amazing with poppies!

    mitch, I am certainly looking forward to that. :)


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