Friday, February 10, 2017

Walking among the vines

Callie likes nothing more than getting off the dirt road during her walks to cut through some woods or to run through the vines. The road is boring. There are no places on the bare road where deer and other wildlife leave droppings or scent markings. Dogs are all about the smells. So when I walk on the road, she'll be off to the side zig-zagging among the vines sniffing around.

We often walk a loop by cutting through the vineyard from the dirt road to a paved road.

There are specific places along the road where Callie will stop and wait, almost pointing toward the direction she wants to go, hoping I'll turn and go with her. When I do she gets all bouncy and happy and runs on ahead. She likes the spaces in between the vines and the woods, but she's also happy just cutting through a vineyard parcel from one side to the other. Of course, actually going into the woods is her favorite of all.


  1. Our dogs always loved the woods best also-they must be full of good smells.

  2. vineyard is waiting for spring


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