Thursday, February 16, 2017

Springtime in February

Wednesday was glorious. Sunny. Warm. Our high temperature topped out at 16ºC (just over 60ºF). I was outdoors in a t-shirt in the afternoon, doing a little pruning and clean-up. Nothing major, but I got some fallen sticks and branches off the ground, cut suckers off from around the base of our tilleul (linden tree), and trimmed up some dead flower stalks in a planter box. Callie enjoyed rolling around in the grass while I puttered.

Curly-cues on a vineyard guide wire.

Inside the greenhouse felt especially warm. I did some trimming in there as well. Certain perennials are coming back already. The tarragon is sprouting like mad, there's catnip coming up, the chives have re-sprouted, and the amaryllis bulbs are putting up new stalks. Even last year's geraniums look healthy with new flower buds.

Wednesday was predicted to be the warmest day of the week, so our highs will be a little lower in the coming days and we're expecting lows back down into the single digits over the weekend. But hey, it's still February.


  1. A clever neighbour carefully selects, boils up and then varnishes those curly-cues to make attractive ear rings and necklaces.

  2. Same here. Yesterday was summer. I walked for hours in gym shorts and walked more last night. Now, windy, gray, high surf and ominous skies.

  3. It sounds as if your greenhouse carried everything nicely through the winter, as you had hoped it would.

  4. I'm glad to hear that the amaryllis bulbs are sending up new growth.


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