Thursday, February 09, 2017


The past few days have been rainy, off and on. We've had nearly thirty millimeters (just over an inch) in the past seventy-two hours. That's pretty much the same amount of rain we got over the whole month of January. For whatever reason, the rain hasn't soaked into the ground very quickly and has been running off, filling stream beds, and collecting in low spots.

Rainwater stands in a roadside drainage ditch.

We have a few dry, cold days ahead before another wet system is expected to move in. March is the traditional month for giboulées (what we call "April showers" in the US). But I've noticed in recent years that they are happening more and more in February. This rain we've had so far is mostly just plain rain and not the kind of hard showers typical of March. But I'm sure it won't be long.


  1. February fill-dyke! That's what springs to mind immediately I saw your picture...

  2. I love the light in this photo.


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