Sunday, February 05, 2017

Le lierre

This stuff grows everywhere around here. Too bad it's not edible (although it does supposedly have some medicinal uses). It climbs up stone walls and tree trunks with equal vigor. Every spring we cut the ivy shoots that are climbing up our trees to try to keep it under control. I have a feeling it's a losing battle.

Climbing ivy on a stone wall.

We're in a rainy period right now, but it's not cold. We need the rain, so we can't complain.


  1. You should never let the wild girl Ivy get out of control.

  2. I totally agree with Andrew

  3. Wild girl or not, beautiful picture anyway. As always, Walt is very good in that so called "Golden Ratio"!

  4. Ivy does make for a beautiful effect... until you have to repair the damage it does to the walls.

  5. andrew, I've never heard it referred to that way!

    gosia, me too, I think.

    jan, :)

    mitch, we don't let it get on the house, anyway.


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