Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Periodic puppy pics

Today is Callie's tenth birthday! It's hard to believe that she's ten years old already. That's seventy in dog years. Time flies. Here she is sitting for her portrait with one of her favorite things: a rawhide chew. She would prefer to take this outside and roll on it in the grass, but it's chilly and wet out there. So the living room carpet will have to do.

Somebody needs to get brushed. I'll be taking her to the groomer's in March for her springtime shampoo, brush, and trim.

I picked up some "special" dog food for her lunch today. It's veal pâté. Not the people kind, but the kind made for dogs. It will make a nice supplement to her daily kibble. And there's enough to last a few days.

The rawhide chews help to keep Callie's teeth clean.

I keep telling her she's a ten-year-old dog. She cocks her head when I say it. "What's he yammering on about now," I see her thinking. It's not food and it's not a walk. Oh bother.


  1. Lovely bright eyes! Our dog has fur like that this am after the thin wetting drizzle that we were out in.

  2. Happy Birthday Callie ! I hope I look as beautiful as you when I'm ten !

    Inca xx
    (Aged 7 and 4 months !)

  3. Hard to believe that ten years have gone by since you brought home that little puppy.
    What on earth do you suppose is nesting in that moss-like ball in the image of the week, Keep us posted.

  4. Happy Birthday, Callie! And what is nesting?

  5. Many happy returns to the pooch!

  6. She still looks like a beauty. A very beautiful puppy!

  7. 10? callie still looks like a puppy! happy birthday, pretty girl!

  8. Callie thanks you all for the well-wishes!

    I don't know what's nesting, probably some kind of insect larvae. The ball of moss is the size of a golf ball.


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