Friday, February 17, 2017

It's the real thing

And it's what all the hip young vinesters are wearing this year. Yes, there are some Coke bottles out among the water bottles protecting young vine saplings here and there. I was surprised to see them, but what the heck. French people love their "Coca" almost as much as their wine.

The Coca-Cola company adds a little color to our brown winter vineyards.

Based on my extensive quick and dirty internet research, France consumed 33.4 liters of Coke per person during 2012. Per capita wine consumption was 45.6 liters during 2011. That seems pretty close to me. Ken and I don't drink Coke, but I'll wager we do better than the average for wine. Forty-five liters of wine doesn't last as long as you'd think.


  1. 45 litres would last me about 60 days. One night a week I have Scotch. Coke and soft drink is very bad if drunk regularly in large quantities. Diabetes was almost unknown in Asian countries, but it has certainly arrived now as they take up western ways, especially Coke.

  2. Just like you two, I don't drink Coke. I tried it once or twice seven decades ago because it was the new thing then, but it was more than enough for me! Chemicals are not my thing.

  3. Jerry drinks Coke Zero. I drink about zero Coke. I would have peeled off that label before it begins to peel on its own. Oh, the mess.

  4. andrew, I gave up soda (Coke and all that) back in the early 80s. I have one every now and then (usually when I'm in the USA), but it only reminds me that I don't like it. Now scotch is another story... ;) I do like sparkling mineral water, though.

    chm, I agree!

    mitch, I think it's plastic. It'll never peel.

    anne marie, ha! I used to prefer Pepsi and Royal Crown back in those days. :)


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