Saturday, February 25, 2017

Smooth sailing

For my part, everything went smoothly on Friday. The morning was sunny and my drive to Tours was pleasant. No serious traffic, no slow-moving trucks ahead of me, the stores were uncrowded, and I had plenty of time to do my shopping and get to the train station.

A vineyard guide wire looped around a rusting steel post.

The station's parking lot was not full and I found a good space. Ken's train was about ten minutes late, but he was on it and we were quickly on the way back home. Lunch was tasty and things around the house are returning to normal. Callie is happy to see her other dad again.


  1. So glad it went smoothly and the whole family is home again.

  2. Sounds perfect. We live for uneventful days and things running smoothly. Rare days, indeed!


  3. Yay, Callie's got both of you again for all her walks.

  4. mitch, traveling can be stressful, and so can waiting for someone who's traveling.

    sean, amen!

    evelyn, I was doing both daily walks while Ken was away!

    michael, :)


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