Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Long shot

Here's a familiar view to many of you: our hamlet seen from the vineyards. There is still a lot of vine pruning to do, but it's slowly getting done. That car parked out there belongs to one of the guys who works on pruning, trimming, harvesting, and all around vineyard maintenance. He and others are out there year-round doing one thing or another.

A view toward the northeast and the Cher River valley.

This little warm spell is nice. It's not shorts and t-shirt weather by any means, but it feels nice and spring-like. The downside is all the mud out there. Callie's paws are awfully dirty after her walks. There's one spot on our evening route that was recently re-graded. I walked down through there on Sunday afternoon and sank nearly ankle deep in the muddy clay. Yuck. Not going that way again for a while.


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