Monday, February 06, 2017

Pizza day

Sunday was pizza day at our house. Last week, Ken brought home a tomme fumé (a smoked soft cheese) and I thought it would be good on pizza. I made a whole wheat pizza dough on Saturday evening and let it sit to rise over night. On Sunday I prepared the toppings. First, we had some tasty vegetable sauce left over from an osso-buco (braised veal shanks) Ken made a while back. It was just enough for the pizzas.

The second of two smoky chicken and eggplant pizzas for Sunday's lunch.

Last summer we dehydrated some of the eggplant that we grew in the garden. I took a bag of sliced dehydrated eggplant and reconstituted it in water. Then I cooked the slices in a pan first by steaming them with some of the soaking water, then sauteing them until they browned. I used that and some sauteed chicken breast, cut into chunks, to top the pizza along with a little of the sauce and the smoked cheese. We ate two of these. So tasty!


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