Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Leftovers again

I'm not used to cooking for one, but when Ken's away that's what I have to do. On Sunday, I made spaghetti and meatballs with some of our frozen sauce and some frozen meatballs from IKEA (don't judge). Of course, there was plenty left over and it went into the fridge.

My gratin of spaghetti, mushrooms, and meatballs. I only ate half.

On Tuesday, I put the leftover pasta and sauce into our smallest gratin dish and arranged the leftover meatballs on top. Then I sautéed a few leftover mushrooms and added them. I topped it all with the rest of the sauce and some leftover grated comté cheese from Monday's lunch and put it into the oven. It was pretty tasty, but there is still some of it left over. Ugh!

On Monday I took three leftover endives that Ken had cooked before he left and wrapped each in a deli turkey slice. I made a quick béchamel sauce and poured that over the endives, then sprinkled grated cheese on top (that's where the leftover cheese for yesterday came from; I had grated too much). It went into the oven to be gratinéed. Yum. Of course, I only ate two of the three endives, so I have leftovers of that as well.


  1. Good friends know to bring a bag or two of IKEA meatballs for us when they visit the store in Bordeaux.

  2. Whenever Jerry traveled, I had frozen pizza (from a box). If I couldn't eat it all, I had leftover frozen pizza from a box the next day.

  3. Same problem here: when Dean is away for business, I always cook too much and have leftovers. Stay OK, Walt, it's only temporarely :-)!

  4. Some frozen meatballs are horrible and fatty tasting, and some are quite good. I'm sure you'll agree that the IKEA meatballs are just fine :) So handy to have in the freezer.

  5. There are weeks like that: a continuing succession of leftovers.

  6. Don't think of it as nasty leftovers. Congratulate yourself for being very Yankee and thrifty.
    The gratin looks quite tasty.

  7. Leftover there's a challenge!

    1. Not for you Jean.... you know, deep down, there is a meal there....
      or possibly a French-style savoury cake!!
      Err... endives... errrr... perhaps not in a cake!

  8. potty, how nice is that!

    mitch, I'm assuming you thawed it out first, or would that be "cooking?"

    jan, I'm not worried about it. It's all good stuff. ;)

    judy, the beef ones are very good. The chicken, not so much. But they're still edible. We have not tried the veggie meatballs yet.

    ellen, especially after a feast-style holiday meal!

    emm, oh, I never thought they were nasty. I love leftovers, most of the time.

    jean, as Kenny Rogers once sang: you gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. :)

    tim, I ate the last endive yesterday. No endive cake for me!

    1. Walt: Yes, surprisingly, I took it out of the box and put it in the real oven (not just the microwave). Frozen pizza from a box is my specialty.


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