Thursday, February 02, 2017

It ain't over 'till it's over

As much as it has felt like spring, we're still in the middle of winter. And the forecast shows that the warm spell we've been enjoying will ebb and more seasonal temperatures are on the way. There are still more than six weeks of winter before the equinox.

A dirt road.

Today we will have crêpes for lunch. First, we'll make savory galettes bretonnes (Brittany crepes) with buckwheat flour, stuff them with ham, cheese, and mushrooms, and maybe serve them with a green salad. That will be the main course. Then we'll make the traditional sweet crêpes for dessert. There's some tasty strawberry jam waiting for those. I'll make the batter for both kinds early this morning so it can sit for a couple of hours before use.


  1. Enjoy those crêpes! I showed one of my classes a few images of buckwheat crêpes, and got the usual teenage, "Eww, yuck!" LOL They, of course, haven't the slightest idea what they taste like :) Of course, a few more enlightened eaters said, "What if they were just made of chocolate and looked like that? You wouldn't think they were weird!" Heh heh :)

  2. I love those buckwheat crepes with eggs and ham.

  3. Ooh, that photo is glorious and SO depressing. We had rain and some clouds today. We're heading to London next week for a week and we've heard so is winter!

  4. judy, why, these kids today! I'm sure they'd like them. They're just like ham and cheese sandwiches, more or less.

    evelyn, you should try them with GREEN eggs and ham!

    mitch, cool! Have a great trip!

  5. I usually don't comment after I see you commenting, but I wanted to see I find this photo marvelous. Can I download it for my personal wallpaper? Promise not to share.


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