Monday, February 13, 2017

Little fungi

I saw this fungus on a leaning tree trunk in the woods the other day and thought it looked interesting. They are tiny, about half the size of a finger nail.

There's a fungus among us.

The difference between Sunday morning and today is amazing. On Sunday, we had freezing rain and ice on the ground; Callie and I slipped and slid on the dirt road through the vineyards during our walk. This morning the temperature is a balmy 7ºC (almost 45ºF), and we're expected to get up to 15ºC (nearly 60ºF) by this afternoon. Wow.


  1. It seems the drastic weather changes are happening in many places today. But we've not fungus among us, as far as I know.

  2. I hope the big snow storm in New England doesn't affect Ken's airline and flight. Yikes!

  3. mitch, everybody's talking about it. The weather, not the fungus.

    judy, no, they were high above it. His flight was direct Paris to Raleigh.

  4. Hi Walt--Those fungi look green in the photo. Are they? They look a lot like what is known in these parts as turkey-tail mushrooms, but ours are gray.


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