Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Local color

Here's a photo I took just outside Saint-Aignan ten years ago this spring. It was just before I got my first digital camera. I was using Ken's Canon Powershot Pro 90 and we were walking along an old Roman road out near where the zoo is just south of town.

A typical "longère" style house in our region.

I'm not actually sure that's where this photo was taken. I haven't been back to this spot since, but I know that the zoo has done a lot of expansion, and near this area they've built new parking lots to accommodate their increased attendance. I should go out there to see if I can find the spot again and if and how it has changed.


  1. I'd love to see how it looks 10 years later. Obviously you've had a an eye and gift for photography for quite some time.

  2. mitch, I started with color slide photography in the late '80s (some time in the last century). Happily, digital is much less expensive!

    evelyn, :)


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