Saturday, January 21, 2017

Frosty oak

We're still enjoying frosty temperatures, especially in the morning when it gets down around minus five (celsius, which is 23ºF). It's good to have a freeze in the winter to kill off pests, at least that's what they say when it's not freezing.

A little oak sapling holds on to its frosty leaves. The leaves will drop in the spring when new growth starts.

We had some business to do in Blois on Friday morning so we added a few stops to our trip. First up was the Asian grocery in town to get some frozen shrimp and to stock up on bottled sauces. The store often has fresh okra, so we picked up some of that, too. Then we went to a big market that specializes in produce but also sells meat and cheese and includes a bakery. They carry a wide selection of products that we don't find in our local supermarket, so we go every now and then. Finally, we went to a discount grocery for a few things we like there that they sell at good prices. It was a good morning, and productive. Today we plan on making a shrimp stir-fry with bok choy (another vegetable we can't find in Saint-Aignan).


  1. I love this photograph! You could frame it! And your lunch plans sound yummy.

  2. I missed this beautiful photo yesterday. Love it!

  3. Perfection in nature (and photography).


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