Sunday, January 29, 2017

January sun

It's always nice to see the sun and we've had a nice couple of days. It felt almost spring-like on Saturday. Looking back at photos, I remember that we had snow around this time last year. Not a lot, but enough to stick on the ground for a while.

Afternoon sun hitting the yard on the north side of the house.

Talking to the mayor yesterday, I learned that the hunting season ended already for game birds. I thought that today was the last day, but apparently the last day was last week. There will still be organized hunts around the area for roe deer and fox through February. We'll see how many take place in our neck of the woods (UPDATE: They're having one this morning right out back). She also mentioned that a group of about ten sangliers (wild boar) was recently spotted out in the vineyard behind our house. She didn't believe it until she saw photos that someone had taken. I have never seen boar around our house, but I have seen them a time or two out in more forested, less populated places.


  1. Are wild boars to be feared if you come across them? Wild pigs are here and if they are shot, the shooter needs to have very good aim to kill them or they may well attack.

  2. Like Andrew I was wondering about the danger of encountering a wild boar particularly if Callie ventured out ahead of you on a walk and they saw her momentarily alone.

    You must have enjoyed this year's Aussie Open...nice to have some players from the "past." I was particularly delighted that Serena won one for the record books.

  3. That ph oto really shows the beauty of the day. Wild boar would be amazing to see in your neighbor's backyard (not your own).

  4. suny landscape but I am waiting for spring

  5. andrew, I do believe they have a reputation for being aggressive, but they normally stay well away from people and populated areas. The adults are quite big and very strong.

    sheila, see above. I never thought there were any around us. They are mostly nocturnal, so seeing one in the daytime is unusual, especially in populated areas. Where we walk, there are often people about working in the vineyards. And yes, I really enjoyed the tennis!

    mitch, agreed!

    gosia, me too!

    michael, well, I had to look that up!


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