Monday, January 16, 2017

Vague de froid

That's what the weather people are predicting. A cold wave. It's already cold in the east, and down south the Pyrénées are getting a snow dump. It's still mild in the west and center (where we are), but that is changing. We're expecting high temperatures below freezing for the next week.

A little greenery around a small tree stump in the winter woods.

On Saturday I got some of that fabric they sell for wrapping sensitive plants to protect them from the cold. I used it to cover our ten-year old fig tree. The fig should be alright, but I remember a cold spell a number of years back that froze it to the ground. I thought we had lost it, but it re-sprouted from its roots that spring. Still, we went years and years without getting any edible figs. Then, last year and for the first time, the tree actually produced a usable crop. So I'm hoping it has matured to the point of producing every year and I don't want to take any chances of it freezing again. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. A good layer of mulch/compost will help to protect the roots too. Hope you recorded yesterday's NFL playoff games. We only watched the GB/ Dallas game which was a thriller, but I hear KC/Pittsburgh was right down to the wire also.

  2. sheila, I just did not get into football this season. Last season I got fed up with the slow pace, every movement seeming choreographed, and nearly every play being reviewed. It just wasn't interesting anymore.


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