Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Year's Eve lunch

I bundled up and drove to the market early Saturday morning. It wasn't crowded yet, but there were plenty of people about. I went directly to the fish monger's stand and asked if I could pay with my bank card. Nope, the young woman said, they didn't have the machine this morning. I told her I'd go to the ATM and get some cash and would be back.

Two dozen oysters, just barely roasted in the oven and ready to open and eat.

When I got back, the young woman said, "Bonjour"!" Then she recognized me as having been there a few minutes earlier and said, "Re." As in re-bonjour, something French people say when they've already said "bonjour" but you see them again a few minutes later. It's normally said with a smile, as if it's not "real" French, but they're saying it anyway.

Six crab claws, steamed.

I asked for six crab claws and two dozen oysters. The oysters were inexpensive, but the crab claws were much more pricey than I would have guessed. Oh well, I told myself, it's a holiday, and we wanted to try them. I noticed a little sign that said "live lobsters." There was one lobster on display, and he didn't look very alive to me. I passed.

Our collection of torture instruments, ready to crack crab shells with.

Everything was good. Ken put the oysters into a hot oven so they'd open. They're partially, but not fully, cooked that way, and you don't need to risk injury trying to open raw oysters. Raw oysters are best when somebody else opens them, that's for sure. We ate them with several sauces, including the traditional mignonette (minced shallot and black pepper in white wine vinegar) and some American-style cocktail sauce. We also had some home-made rye bread with butter, another traditional accompaniment. The crab was good served with garlicky mayonnaise and some roasted vegetables, but we both thought it was not worth the price. Live and learn.


  1. Meilleurs vœux pour 2017... Happy New Year...
    Wishing you and Walt good health, whatever you believe to be wealth....
    and oooooodles of happiness and good fortune!!

  2. Happy New Year. I used Ken's steam roast technique on our oysters this year. I didn't get it quite right the first time, but after that I was happy. I've got to the stage where I can't be bothered with oysters if I have to open them raw. Too cold, too painful.

  3. Je suis vos blogs à Ken et à vous depuis quelques mois mais je suis restée "petite souris" ! Vous lire est un petit moment de bonheur de la journée. Je vous souhaite plein de bonnes choses et le plaisir de vous retrouver ici tous les jours. Bien amicalement.

  4. Happy new year. I enjoy your blog. Your life in France is interesting to read about.

    Health and happiness to your household

  5. Live and learn, like we do with you and Ken everyday. Your NYE food looks wonderful. Looking forward to the new year with you and wishing you health and happiness.

  6. Happy New Year. The oysters look good but I agree on the crab legs. I have tried them before and they aren't as good as blue crabs.

  7. Happy New Year, Walt and Ken.
    The oysters look good. Thanks for your daily blog updates. Reading them is part of my daily attempt to keep up with the world :0)

  8. HNY! my pork roast is slow cooking and spouse received some homemade sauerkraut as a holiday present. we also have our imported xmess pudding & brandy butter for dessert this evening.

  9. such amazing things you eat. I will forgo the oysters as they turn me emerald green.

  10. Those look good! Happy New Year to you and Ken!

  11. tim, thanks! Same to you and Pauline.

    christine, back atcha!

    gosia, thank you. It was tasty!

    susan, I agree. HNY to you both!

    christiane, merci de votre commentaire ! Bonne année !

    local alien, thanks! Happy New Year!

    evelyn, thank you!

    joanna, I like blue crabs, too, but it's been a long time since I've had some!

    gaynor, they were tasty! Best of new years to you and Tim!

    anne marie, sounds delish!

    michael, and I'll pass on the rats in Tewkesbury. ;)

    chris, same to you and Tony!

  12. Happy New Year to you and Ken. Norma and I wish you good health and much happiness in 2017.


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