Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wood urchins

These chestnut hulls on the ground near the woods where Callie likes to walk reminded me of sea urchins. Apparently people eat sea urchins, but I've never tasted one. When I see them being opened and eaten on television, they don't look all that appetizing, and there's not much to eat in one urchin. Perhaps they're an "acquired taste." I wouldn't be against trying (after all, I eat snails and gizzards), but I'm not rushing out to get some.

Chestnuts are edible, but it's easier to buy them in cans and jars, shelled and cooked, ready to use.

Enjoy your New Year's Eve! It's unlikely that we'll make it to midnight, so we'll be having our New Year's Eve oysters at lunchtime, as usual. Tomorrow we have black-eyed peas on the menu. Yum!


  1. bonne annee to you and ken and callie and bert!

  2. Happy New Year, glad you're having black eyed peas!

  3. Happy New Year to you and Ken and Callie! From Lynn, Joel, Hannah, Rachel and our dog Patti.

  4. Sea urchin shells, dried, make pretty decorative items. Can't say I feel the same about chestnuts. But I like your picture of them.
    Happy new year. Fingers crossed that it's a good one.

  5. Never heard of wood urchin. Now I need to google that. I do like Chestnuts.
    Found your blog in way of Victor.
    Sure hope 2017 start out in a positive way. If you have time stop in for some coffee.

  6. anne marie, thank you! And I wish the same to you, spouse, and the fur-kids!

    evelyn, HNY to you and Lewis! The pot of peas smells great this morning!

    lynn, thanks! Hope the year is good to you, Joel, and the girls!

    gosia, thank you. And the same to you!

    emm, we don't see many of them around here, lol! Happy New Year to you!

    peppylady, I just made "wood urchin" up, I don't think anybody really says that. Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year!


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