Wednesday, December 07, 2016


The leaves are all gone from the grape vines. Pruners will be cutting the bare canes away, leaving either a single cane or several smaller stubs that will sprout new growth in spring. Some parcels are already done, but most still look like this.

Bare grape vines waiting to be pruned.

I got my hair cut yesterday. The woman in our town who cuts hair is pregnant and due very soon. The last time we went in for cuts she made our appointments for this past week in advance (which is not her normal practice) so we'd be guaranteed a slot just before she goes out on maternity leave. She said she was unable to find a replacement while she's gone, so her shop will probably be closed until her return in late January. I was nervous as my appointment day approached because, well, anything can happen. I half expected to see a note on the door saying that the baby came early and the shop was closed. I didn't have to worry; everything went fine. But the stylist was certainly anxious. She's more than ready for that baby to come.


  1. Glad she didn't give birth while she was doing your hair. Ah, to have hair to cut. I just use electric clippers. Not enough to bother styling.

  2. I got snipped this past saturday. 15 minutes well spent.

  3. Glad the timing worked for you. Best wishes to the mama-to-be and the little one. A Christmas baby.

  4. mitch, well, me too. It might have distracted her!

    judy, I just didn't want to have to find another place, especially now with the holidays approaching, everyone is in for their 'do.'

    anne marie, that's just about how long it takes me.

    emm, or a solstice baby...

  5. A solstice baby. Even better.


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