Monday, December 26, 2016

Noël au balcon...

... Pâques aux tisons. That well-known French proverb may very well apply this year. It means, "Christmas on the balcony, Easter in front of the fire." In other words, if Christmas is warm, Easter will be cold. And this Christmas was very mild. We'll see what it's like in mid-April.

Nothing says winter in France like clémentines. I love them. Sorry for the bad photo.

Today is supposed to be the last warm day for a while. Temperatures are predicted to chuter (fall dramatically) by Tuesday morning, with lows near or below freezing for the week, depending on whose weather forecast you consult. I'll certainly keep you posted.


  1. I love that expression/superstition! However, at first glance, I thought you were writing about Christmas bacon.

  2. hope all in france had a good holiday!

  3. mitch, mmmmmm, Christmas bacon! Maybe next year...

    anne marie, well, we did! :)

  4. That sounds like one of those sayings that has little foundation in reality but everyone quotes it!
    It sounds nice in French though, it's such a lovely language.


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