Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Swedish meatballs

On Monday we drove over to Tours to the IKEA store. We had a small list of things to get or do, and one of them was to look at sofas. The sofa in our loft is thirteen years old and is wearing out. We used it in the living room until the loft was built, then moved it upstairs to serve as the tv-watching couch. Parts of it are threadbare and there are tears in the upholstery. It's time to replace it.

Trees rising up out of a ravine where a stream flows to our south.

We looked, but didn't buy anything yet. It'll likely wait until after the holidays. We did get something else on our list: a storage cabinet for the bathroom. Our "medicine" cabinet came down when the new shower was built. We decided to replace it with something larger and more modern. A horizontal kitchen cabinet unit from IKEA is what we found. It's part of their modular cabinet line called METOD and it's a plain white cabinet, with a shelf, and a horizontal door that swings up rather than opening to the side. I haven't described it well, but I'll show you photos when I get it assembled and installed. It came in five different packages.

We also got a couple of other small things (easy to do at IKEA) and, on the way out, we stopped for a couple of bags of their famous meatballs. We'll be having them for lunch today. I've never had IKEA's meatballs before, but people have told us that they're pretty good. I'm surprised that they're already assembled and ready to eat.


  1. Another great picture, Walt! And yes, IKEA's meatballs were good in Holland, as they are in Australia. I'm sure you will find the right couch in Tours.

  2. I have IKEA meatballs for lunch just about every time we're there, but I've never bought a bag to take home... because that would be cooking. We initially furnished most of our apartment in Sevilla with IKEA furniture. We've switched out quite a bit but there's still so much that's good quality. And I also bought an IKEA cabinet for one of our bathrooms. I can't leave the store right now without two or three packages of ginger snaps.

  3. Little Known Fact

    Inside just one of the meatballs is an allen key.

    The lucky guy who gets this one gets to put together the next Ikea purchase.

    The Swedish equivalent to le gateaux des rois I guess

  4. Congratulations on finding your way out of IKEA (or don't they make it into an enforced maze in France, like they do here?)!

  5. I guess they have different inventory here and there. I searched Ikea US for "Metod cabinet" and got a grill: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70256177/?query=metod+cabinet
    Not, I suspect, what you bought.

  6. I haven't had the meatballs either, but they have lovely breakfasts.

  7. Walt,
    My Canadian (Toronto) friend Pat loves the Swedish Meatballs at IKEA. He never misses a chance to get them when he's visiting that store. He has me hooked now. Those meatballs are scrumptious! Enjoy.

  8. I hope you enjoyed the Ikea meatballs. I bought some frozen ones last time I went and had them with the packet mix sauce that they sell to go with them, presumably to make them taste just like they serve in the restaurant. They were very tasty.
    Looking forward to seeing the new cabinet. It's modern/retro style (if that makes sense) should go well with your bathroom.

  9. jan, we think we found it, but still looking for good measure. The meatballs were tasty!

    mitch, oooh, ginger snaps!

    bonjourpatricia, zut! I didn't get the allen key. But chances are I'll be putting the next thing together anyway. ;)

    autolycus, oh, yes. It's a forced maze with some (not so) secret shortcuts.

    emm, interesting. I thought it would be all the same.

    michael, I enjoyed the meatballs and wouldn't balk at getting them again.

    ron, we've made our own Swedish meatballs at home and these are almost as good as home-made.

    jean, we did enjoy them! Ken made his own sauce; we didn't buy the mix.


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