Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Blueberry tart

I had a "senior moment." They're becoming more and more common around here. Ahem. I ordered a traditional French holiday yule log cake from our local bakery to have for dessert on Christmas day. It was delivered on Saturday afternoon. Earlier that day, in a flurry of activity, I made a blueberry tart for dessert on Christmas day. And it wasn't that I forgot about the cake. I just had it in my head that I needed to get dessert made on Saturday because the oven would be in use on Sunday morning.

A blueberry tart sprinkled with powdered sugar.

So we had two desserts. And both are good. I picked the blueberries at a local farm back in July and froze them for use through the fall and winter (we still have a good supply in the freezer). So since Sunday we've been alternating between the cake, which is frosted with a coffee-flavored pastry cream, and the tart. Not to mention a nice plate of holiday cookies baked and offered by a friend...


  1. Isn't it funny how the mind fixates on some task :-)

  2. Two puddings?
    Can't grumble about that!

  3. By the way, what's under the blueberries in the tart, a layer of frangipane perhaps?
    Or is it a secret?!

  4. There's never too much dessert. I've been offline for several days ans it's already time to wish you a Happy New Year!

  5. Ah, not just me. I get so focused on something that must be or expected to be done, I forget the detail.

  6. Haa haa!
    Well, if your senior moments result in extra fabulous desserts, not much harm done!

  7. Oh, that blueberry tart makes my mouth water. But I don't understand the problem. Is it that you only remembered to have TWO desserts?

  8. There never can be too much dessert.

  9. That's not a senior moment. I call that planning ahead. As they say, you can never have too much dessert.

  10. I would say you've found the perfect excuse, Walt! Bon appétit.

  11. gosia, it was!

    susan, I'm a creature of habit.

    jean, it's the leftover apple compote I made last week. A good combination!

    ellen, same to you and Paul!

    andrew, auto pilot. Not a good thing.

    anne marie, :)

    oliver, thanks!

    judy, if only I could limit it to that!

    mitch, well, there were three...

    victor, a lot of people feel that way!

    emm, LOL!

    jan, I try. ;)


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