Saturday, December 10, 2016

Less fog

Recent days have been a lot less foggy than a week or so ago. Blue sky and sunny afternoons are feeling very nice. The daily high temperatures are not warm, but they're not cold, either. That's our temperate climate. Winter's chill is often tempered by the effect of the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic.

Under the dividing line between overcast and clear skies.

I did get the holiday lights up on the house on Friday. I haven't taken any photos of it yet, though. Soon. This year I've abandoned the old incandescent mini-bulbs, many of which were burned out, for newer LED mini-bulbs. I'm struck by how much brighter they are.


  1. The first part of the 2000s has seen some wonderful progress and inventions. LEDs are among the best.

  2. The beauty of the fog will be missed but not as much as the sunshine will be appreciated.

  3. Love the LEDs. I'm so glad that they now make a distinction (for white ones) between warm and cool. It looks so odd when you unintentionally end up with cool white and warm white together. Someone in the neighborhood here has a big pine tree out front, and the top and bottom sections are wrapped in warm white, and the center is cold white :) Looks funny.

  4. andrew, agreed!

    mitch, so true.

    judy, I chose warm for the new string. The cool were just too bright and white for me.


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