Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I got a few comments about the Eiffel Tower ornament on our holiday tree, so I thought I'd rerun a photo of it from ten (!) years ago. I found the ornament in the museum shop at San Francisco's Palace of the Legion of Honor back in 1998. I think I was there to see Picasso's "Guernica," if memory serves. It's a fragile glass ornament, so I try to be very careful with it.

We had a cut tree in 2006.

Today Callie goes back to the vet for a booster shot. She got a new version of her annual vaccine last month, and the vet said it would require a one-time booster after thirty days. In subsequent years, the booster won't be necessary.


  1. Beautiful! And I love the fact that you live in France and bought the Eiffel Tower ornament in San Francisco while seeing Picasso! I hope you were wearing your leiderhosen.

  2. That's even nicer up close.
    Ken said that Callie gets no rabies shot because no rabies in France. ?? I didn't know that. Good news.

  3. gosia, :)

    mitch, they were at the cleaners...

    emm, that's what they say, so shots are optional.

    1. emm, but required, obviously, for travel outside the country, especially the UK.


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