Monday, December 05, 2016

Side view

Here's an exterior shot of the greenhouse from the side. For now we haven't acquired any "furniture" for inside. Those shelves are recuperated from the tent greenhouse we used last season. We may eventually replace them with something more sturdy; we'll see how it goes. I am planning to get a potting table to fit against the wall of the house where you see the rake and shovel standing. We did get that nifty curly hose for inside and it works great.

The greenhouse is built onto the western side of the house. This view is looking north.

Under the curved panels is a small gutter that directs rainwater to the grey downspout you can see on the left. Eventually I'll put some kind of barrel/container there to collect it. Right now we're experimenting with over-wintering some deck plants inside, but the full potential of the greenhouse will be realized in spring when I start seedlings for the vegetable garden. I also plan to keep some warm-weather herbs, like basil, in there all season; they should enjoy the warmth. The roof has two panels that open for ventilation. Those, along with the door that slides open (on the far end in the photo) and the door into the house itself (access to the utility room), will work to keep an air flow going so it doesn't get too hot in there during the summer. At least that's the theory.


  1. I love it! We need to get one of those nifty curly hoses; we've got about a mile of traditional hose that's a royal pain to manage on the terrace. It looks like you're experiencing some nice sunshine!

  2. Walt

    If you put pots of basil, put them against the wall of the house inside the greenhouse - whatever warmth the walls absorb during a sunny day will help

  3. A very attractive design that adds to the house appeal Walt.

  4. I like those curly hoses, and the whole greenhouse looks great.
    If it's getting really cold, plants against the house wall are likely to be better protected than if they're sitting next to the glass. But from what you say of your winter temps, I should think most plants would be fine, and the occasional sheet of newsprint or old sheet draped over on really cold nights will help.

  5. mitch, the curly hose does the trick. I know I'd be knocking over plants right and left with one of those inflexible traditional hoses.

    t.b., I won't be doing basil until spring. ;)

    leon, thanks!

    emm, unless it gets unusually cold, we should be alright. We plan to keep an eye on things and to take steps if necessary.


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