Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Where the crescents are hot

One day a couple of weeks ago, Ken was out and about and stopped at a bakery for some bread and a croissant. The bread was for lunch. The croissant was a snack. He was hungry. It came in this bag, which I found in the car the other day. It's covered with old-timey advertisements.

A bag for a croissant or two.

I've started assembling the new bathroom cabinet. The base structure is all together, but I hit a snag. I need a couple of screws that are not provided by IKEA. I know, that surprised me, too. There are two options for attaching the cabinet to the wall: one is attaching a metal rail (which you buy at IKEA) to the wall and hanging the cabinet from it, the other is omitting the rail and screwing the cabinet directly to the wall. I chose the latter, and IKEA apparently doesn't provide the screws for that option. So I'm heading out to the hardware store.


  1. I love the French boulangerie packaging.... so varied.
    This collection of old adverts is magnificent...
    I now realise that the 'chocolate' thing in France goes back to before the last century!!

    On your sofa hunt, do you find the settees at J&N's comfortable? They are an IKEA style.... we've the same.
    We liked ours so much that we had them reupholstered before we moved.

  2. I was going to flippantly say, don't you have a couple of nails, but then realised I don't know what your house is made of? Rendered clay bricks solid from exterior to interior?

  3. NO ONE knows how to make a good croissant here! :(

  4. IIRC the picture at bottom right was a pub for Chocolats Menier.

  5. Show us your cabinet when you get it mounted. I may be in the market for something similar and there is an Ikea in Atlanta.

  6. Looking forward to seeing The Cabinet.
    Also, are those old-timey bikes more spokey in their wheels than modern versions? I wonder if the manufacturers thought they needed more reinforcement that way.

  7. tim, yes, they're very comfortable. We think we found something (not the same) that will work for us. Stay tuned!

    andrew, the interior walls (where the cabinet will go) are hollow terra-cotta brick with covered with a layer of plaster. Nails don't work on that!

    anne marie, they do here! ;)

    chm, !

    gosia, :)

    evelyn, will do.

    emm, you'd have to ask someone who knows more about bikes than I do. ;)


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