Thursday, December 08, 2016


Wednesday morning's sunrise was pretty dramatic. We had less fog than recent days and there were enough gaps in the clouds for the sun to light things up nicely. I grabbed the camera and went out onto the deck to take some pictures.

Wednesday at about 08h15. Looking southeast across our neighbors' property.

The sun is rising in the southeast now as we approach the winter solstice. And it doesn't get very high in the sky before is sets again in the southwest. Our latitude places us a little further north than Montréal, Canada. Today we will have eight and a half hours between sunrise and sunset. That's fifteen and a half hours of darkness.


  1. ooooo, in technicolor AND cinemascope!

  2. Walt

    check this :

    you may know the area since you were around there in May ( This happened on Tuesday morning - it snowed the day before and overnight the weather dipped after the snow melted a bit)
    Depending on your browser , you may have to use Firefox or Safari to open it.

  3. Oh , forgot - that picture is wonderful to look at - you have so many good ones that can be framed :-)

  4. Breathtaking... and so is that beautifully trimmed hedge. But 15-1/2 hours of darkness... Uf!


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