Sunday, December 11, 2016

Holiday lights

It's time for the annual holiday lights photo! I mentioned yesterday that I had put the lights up on the outside of the house. Here they are. I have been using this string of colorful LEDs for the indoor tree for the past couple of years but decided to put them on the house this year. Last year's outdoor lights were all white. These are so bright that they light up the house across the street.

I turned all the indoor lights on for the photo. It's not usually that bright inside the house.

I just got another string of all-white LEDs to replace the old string of incandescents. They are blanc chaud (warm white) and will go on the tree this year, then out on the house next year (if I remember). I'll get the tree set up sometime in the coming week.


  1. Simple but good Christmas lighting. The glass brick windows at the side are the bathrooms?

  2. I never manage to get a good photo of our Christmas lights. It's always too dark or too light and of course the 'flashy/twinkley' ones never behave. Yours look spot on.

  3. I found our Christmas lights, but haven't done anything with them. Maybe I should decorate the terrace this year now that it's enclosed and we now have power out there. No tree. Not with THESE cats. Toys? For me??? Your house looks so inviting. Thanks for some more inspiration.

  4. tres belle! the simpler, the better.

  5. I love your lights. Lights make December nights magical.

  6. your house looks fantastic...

  7. I remember you doing a little painting, or colorful drawing, of you house with colored lights at Christmastime... right? Seems like you showed it once :)

  8. andrew, no, that's the stairwell. It goes from the ground floor to the third level, even though the windows don't.

    jan, I'll drink to that!

    potty, these lights are also "flashy/twinkly." My trick is to use a tripod and a long exposure.

    mitch, I hope you string them up. The lights, not the cats. And take photos!

    anne marie, anything more is too much work!

    evelyn, it helps with the dark. :)

    michael, :)

    gosia, thanks!

    judy, yes, you remember correctly. It will probably be showing up here again soon.


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