Saturday, December 03, 2016

Saturday morning posts

The artsy organized neighbor has taken to planting cast-away roadside reflector posts in the woods. I've noticed five or six of them placed in a straight line among the trees near his piles of stuff. Maybe they mark his property line? I don't know.

Three of the half-dozen or so old roadside posts planted in the woods near where Callie and I sometimes walk.

My theory is that this guy is a retired public works employee who is now at loose ends. He's collected things from his job over the years that would otherwise have been thrown away. But my theory is supported by very little evidence. There are just the piles of stuff, neatly arranged. If there's another explanation for his "installations," it is beyond my knowledge.


  1. Could be public art? Ok, on a thin limb with that.

  2. I sure hope he's not stealing these things. Theoretically, they are recovered for recycling. But it's nice to have your path neatly designated and visible in the fog.

  3. Maybe he's marking where he buries the bodies :-)

  4. Oh def a retired public works guy.... And bodies did cross my mind....
    Do you ever see him?

  5. May be Mme le Maire may clarify the situation the next time you meet her :-)

  6. Those stern black-and-white things are more than a little creepy, lined up through the woods like that. You haven't noticed the Coen brothers out there with cameras by any chance?

  7. andrew, it's not likely, given that it's essentially hidden from public view and is on private property. ;)

    ellen, I doubt there's any crime involved. The posts aren't on the path we walk. They're just lined up in the woods, which make me think they delineate his property line.

    breenlantern, LOL!

    chris, that would be too easy! And besides, it might be considered indiscreet, a no-no in France.

    mitch, that does not surprise me. ;)

    christine, yes, we see him once in a while. Or, at least we see somebody...

    t.b., good idea.

    emm, LOL! Nope, no film crews, just me.


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