Thursday, December 01, 2016

Callie channels Max

Have you ever seen "How the Grinch Stole Christmas?" It's a classic American holiday cartoon from 1966 based on a Dr. Seuss story. In it, the Grinch steals Christmas after disguising himself as Santa Claus and his dog, Max, as a reindeer. He does the latter by tying some antlers to the dog's head.

Callie with her antlers, er, grape vine.

So... the other day, Callie found a piece of a pruned grape trunk and decided to carry it home as she often does this time of year. This particular trunk was U-shaped. I couldn't stop laughing because Callie carried the stick so that the ends curled up above her head. She reminded me of Max from the cartoon.

The most famous reindeer of all? It's Callie!

Today is December 1 and it feels like it. We're having crisp, cold mornings with temperatures just below freezing. There is frost. The days right now are sunny and pleasant. It's unlikely that we'll see any snow this month; that's more of a January/February thing. But you never know...


  1. We are at minus six Centipede ..... it's ffffffffffffreeeeeezing!!

  2. She is offended that you are laughing, but how could you help it!! :-))

  3. Wonderful photo of Callie as a retreating reindeer, you could not have got that shot if you were posing her!

  4. She looks great as a reindeer :-)
    The second pic reminds me of scenes that I visualized whilst reading Dumas père books when i was a teenager - except that instead of reindeer or dog it was about wolves in that foggy environment..

  5. Funny! Love the foggy Christmas scene.

  6. Hahaha go Callie. Bertie is the sensible one. I bet he's curled up somewhere warm! 26c here today!

  7. That second picture makes me laugh out loud. Hope we aren't hurting Callie's feelings. :-)

    1. Have you ever seen the expression on the face of a Border Collie that has been laughed at.....
      I'll hazard Walt and Ken have!!
      They do not like it... they do not like it a lot!! But they will do daft things...
      and so, a Collie owner tends to see the "You just laughed at me.... again!!" look rather a lot!


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