Thursday, December 29, 2016

Raisins in the frost

As predicted, our mornings are now colder with lots of frost. Callie and I had a nice walk on Wednesday morning, and she came back with frosty paws. That's much better than muddy paws; a quick wipe with a towel and she's ready to come inside. No fuss, no muss.

A few grapes that the mechanical harvester missed, now dried on the vine and touched by frost.

We're sliding toward the new year. On Saturday we plan to go to the market for oysters, a traditional New Year's food in France. Ken's been thinking about crab, so we might also look for tourteau at the fish monger's stand. It's another typical French holiday food and is often sold already cooked.


  1. Jerry always made oyster stew as one of our New Year's traditions. Something to think about this year. Of course, gorgeous photo!

  2. Really, the frost lines on the wood look like a bûche de Noël LOL! (Really, though, they're so perfect :) )

  3. mitch, I don't think I've ever had oyster stew. We sometimes give the oysters a quick heat up in the oven (they open by themselves). This year may be a "raw" year!

    judy, ha!

    1. Oysters raw are just about the only oysters I don't like (which is understating it). Jerry, however, loves them.


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